I must apologise


Photo by gnuckx

No really, I must. I’m British, it’s in the rules. Heck, even Burn Gorman is now making a living playing it uptight and repressed in crazed big-budget Japanophile monster movies. (Let us not forget that this is an actor whose introduction to me was that most sublime line of Owen Harper’s from the first episode of Torchwood: “Because I’m a twat”.) So, having lived up to a gay stereotype in my last post, I’ll live up to a British one here and apologise for the lack of signal recently.

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Clearing out the tumbleweeds

Well good heavens. I’ve just received an email from WordPress saying my steampunk entry has been picked for Freshly Pressed, and now I’m embarrassed by the howling wasteland that’s been occupying this space for the last two months. I had such grand intentions for this blog when I started it! My platform for the deep, meaningful thoughts that eternally churn in my devastating mind!

So… what have I been doing all that time?

Well, there was the socktopus. Here he is:

A siling stuffed toy octopus made from socks

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