_78851005_drwho_finale_bbc Hmph. Well I’ve been ruminating over the finale of Doctor Who since I watched it, and… overall I was underwhelmed. I think it would have been kinder to the character, *and* to the story, to let John Sim’s Master be the final, glorious shout of the old tradition. This felt like flogging a dead horse, to me. To say nothing of the fact that the character who has the sex change promptly gets permanently killed – which is nearly unheard-of in modern Who. It really is true that being transgender now is like being gay in the 1970s, and I don’t find it fun to see my tribe being represented as the insanest possible perversion of basic humanity, suitable only to be mercy killed. (After offing one of the most relatable background characters in the entire show for no reason, naturally. *That* pissed me off. I’m not forgiving that one unless the actress wanted to be written out.)


I would have liked it more if it had naked Matt Smith in.

What I liked about that episode, though, was the culmination of the thematic obsession with soldiers and war that’s been running through the entire series. I thought it was nicely handled and did something good for the series too. Nu-Who has gone for greater maturity and depth than the original, which was really a pretty good way to shoot itself in the foot if you ask me, and it had a lot of trouble adjusting the 21st century media’s political correctness radar to compensate for the original Doctor’s astonishing power and apparent total disregard for consequences. It came up with some wince-inducing pieces of tortured post-Imperialist apologism in the process – which when I think about it may have been part of why Matt Smith’s Doctor was so woefully badly plotted. This Doctor is offered an entire army so that he can finally interfere properly, and thence concludes that he is, in fact, just some idiot in a blue box. Yes, thankyou Moffatt, that’s what the Doctor *ought* to be; plain good fun. Kids’ stuff. This, for me, is a return to classic Who. Now learn how to write credible gay characters and stop killing off the trannies. AND GET OFF EARTH. (And enough with the damn Daleks and Cybermen, and and and.)


Yep, that was pretty much my reaction too.

It was nice to see social responsibility win out over Twue Wuv as well. An ex-soldier and a teacher make a rather deeper relationship for social commentary purposes than a stripper and a twit. I’m enjoying watching Clara and Danny’s relationship develop; with Amy and Rory I rolled my eyes and waited for the plot to start again. Danny’s imperfections are fantastic too – he’s so well balanced between caring and paranoid. The whole Danny-as-Cyberman scene made me thrill; it was a perfect deconstruction of the trap demobilised soldiers find themselves in – serving to protect, but becoming shackled and dehumanised by the training they’re given to do it. (I’m very, very fond of charities like this one which help veterans deal with PTSD. If you know of one in the UK please do link me). I don’t have any earth-shattering conclusion to make with this entry; just following up on my last post really. I’m expecting you lot to be preoccupied with Christmas over the coming month anyway, but I’ll try and come up with something interesting for the lull between Shoppingmas and Arbitrary Date Change 🙂

Matt Smith. Because.

Matt Smith. With clothes.


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