Review: Iron Sky

Iron Sky publicity posterIf I described a film to you as “The Princess Bride, with crazy Nazis, in space”, would it make you want to go and see it?

I thought so.  Read on 🙂

Actually, to compare Iron Sky to Princess Bride is an injustice in some ways; Iron Sky isn’t fantasy, for one. It’s not frothy, colourful and upbeat the way Bride is. It’s not American either, and in fact it doesn’t even have a princess in it. Perhaps I should have called it the Finnish Team America: World Police – though that might have set up some unreasonable expectations about puppet sex scene hilarity.

What does make Iron Sky unshakeably like unto Princess Bride is that it’s an instant cult classic. It’s wry, deadpan, devastatingly intelligent, and utterly fearless in its lampooning of every stereotype its subject matter has to offer (including Finland itself). Since what it’s about happens to be steampunk Nazis on the dark side of the moon,  it’s international politics in general and American foreign policy in particular that come in for a good old-fashioned satirical drubbing. Small wonder this didn’t get a big Hollywood release, then.

Visually it’s stunning; it looks big-budget. I was particularly delighted by the design of the main ship, which without giving too many spoilers is mechanical to the max, somewh

ere between steampunk and dieselpunk in appeal. The

Renate and Klaus share a strange farewell

soundtrack is lush and packed with wry musical allusions to Wagner (of course). But the best thing about it is the cast. I really don’t have words to do justice to the gleeful deadpan insanity

of Gotz Otto as the megalomaniacal Klaus Adler; his performance is a treat from beginning to end. Peta Sergeant’s unhinged, peacockish presidential publicity manager is well worth a mention too.  Throw in a few dry visual gags about the timeless appeal of Nazi imagery (damn those Hugo Boss uniforms) and a bickering UN council in the background and you have a recipe for a truly enjoyable film.

There’s plenty more propaganda to be had at the film’s official website – the images used here are taken from their full-size promotional stills. Iron Sky is sadly no longer showing in cinemas, but the DVD is very reasonably priced – so get out there, get hold of a copy, and enjoy.

A wild-haired scientist with a retro computer


One thought on “Review: Iron Sky

  1. Booky Pony says:

    Really really agree about Götz Otto! He was awesome. I really should rewatch this…

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