Clearing out the tumbleweeds

Well good heavens. I’ve just received an email from WordPress saying my steampunk entry has been picked for Freshly Pressed, and now I’m embarrassed by the howling wasteland that’s been occupying this space for the last two months. I had such grand intentions for this blog when I started it! My platform for the deep, meaningful thoughts that eternally churn in my devastating mind!

So… what have I been doing all that time?

Well, there was the socktopus. Here he is:

A siling stuffed toy octopus made from socks

There was breadmaking. By hand. Out of sheer pique, I should add, since I finally had to give the bread machine back to my ex and became unreasonably irate about the fact the damn thing could make better bread than I can. I’m getting there, bun by bun. And it’s glorious.

Star-shaped loaf of bread

There was knitting. My friend’s daughter Alice, for whom this blanket is intended, is now a delightful six months old. Ahem.

Part-finished knitted blanket

There was the great, ongoing Tumbleweed Clearout that is my living room. There’s a reason for all this, which I may go into in a later post.

A stack of boxes in front of a bookcase

There was visiting my father; there were fireworks; there were good intentions about exercise, and patchy results. There was the final discovery of the right answer to the question of comfortable winter pyjamas. There was an unwelcome visit from that nasty old bag Aunty Depressants, who still hasn’t packed up her things, blast her piggy little eyes.

But all in all I’ve been taking care of myself, in the end.

Sofa surrounded by laptop, knitting bag and books


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