Picspam: congrats to Anne Lyle!

Just a drive-by picture post to say many congratulations to Anne Lyle on the publication and launch of her first novel, The Alchemist of Souls.  I was lucky enough to critique a very early draft of the book – indeed, part of the printout I wrote all over is still here beside me on the sofa, covered in scribbled notes from my latest foray back into Uru Live – so seeing it in the flesh was fantastic to say the least. Well done Anne!

Happy readers with their copies of Alchemist of Souls.

L-R: Rob Pearce (now available in Web 1.0), Valerie Vancollie and John Ayliff at the book launch. All my pics of Anne herself came out blurred!


2 thoughts on “Picspam: congrats to Anne Lyle!

  1. nrlymrtl says:

    I really enjoyed this book. The Elizabethan time is fascinating and I had always wondered what England might do if she had married and reproduced.

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