Readalong: The Lies of Locke Lamora

I don’t read nearly as much as I used to, or indeed nearly enough in general. As a teenager I used to habitually inhale science fiction and fantasy novels in a day – I don’t really know what happened to that. Lack of time, perhaps – the million trivia of adult life that erode your free time like an army of earnest, flesh-eating hamsters.

Or then again perhaps it was acquiring a half-dozen other hobbies that I never touch either. Every time I think about picking up a book, all my other neglected pastimes writhe and thrash in the murk at the back of my mind, paralysing me with guilt. I wind up chaining myself to the eternal procrastination wheel that is the Internet purely in the attempt to avoid the sad-eyed “feed me” stares of five unfinished knitting projects, a warpless loom, an untouched box of art supplies and an entire chest of drawers full of miscellaneous stuff for beading, tablet weaving, lucet cord making, cardcraft and gods alone know what else. To say nothing of the stash of sewing fabrics I have. Of course what I ought to do is flog off the whole mountainous mess on Ebay and focus on what’s important. But then where would I find the time to write the listings? I have so much… Facebook to read…

So in the spirit of getting me started, and because it’s a book that ties in to one of the main characters in my Great Languishing Unedited NaNo Novel, I’ve signed myself up to a readalong of Scott Lynch’s ‘The Lies of Locke Lamora’. The book’s been divided into sections, and at the end of each section all the participants will be posting a list of discussion questions, answering the questions ourselves, and encouraging discussion in comments.

I’m actually reading it for the first time, rather than re-reading in anticipation of the release of the next book in the sequence. As I mentioned before I have a Great Languishing Unedited NaNo Novel, and Quint, one of the principal characters in it, is very much a rogue. As he stands he has a backstory which provides motivation for plenty of misdemeanours, but not much in the way of actual onscreen bastardry on the grounds I couldn’t really think up anything convincing for him to abuse. Lies of Locke Lamora has popped up in nearly every discussion of rogue and trickster characters I’ve taken part in; so if I’m aiming to understand and flesh out Quint then it’s probably a good idea to start with a tour of some classic examples of the type. 

My copy of Lies has arrived in good time, and the first batch of questions will be posted on the 8th, so until then…  

… ooh, I’ve got a Facebook message… 


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