There’s a saying that goes “This too shall pass”.

There’s another saying, a Buddhist one, that likens a person to a flame; always in motion, always consuming the wood on which it burns, composed at every moment of totally different atoms – and yet the same flame.

The picture to the left is from a comunity art project called Mitcham’s Models, which installed reworked mannequins around an unlovely junction in town to coincide with the city’s annual Open Studios event. Open Studios is a month in which Cambridge’s surprisingly many artists throw open their studio doors to the middle-class average Joe; the eerie figure in this picture was found on my way home from a gig at one of Cambridge’s few remaining live music pubs.

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The writer’s eye: punctuation

This isn’t a blog about the how-tos of writing, but since getting involved with a live roleplay group including several aspiring writers, I think I’ve got something useful to say on the subject. So pardon me while I interrupt normal service with something useful for a change!

Everything They Never Told You About Dots

No doubt you remember from school that punctuation is the most boring, irritating and incomprehensible part of written English.

Today I’d like to present an alternative view. Punctuation is straightforward, easy to understand, and an incredibly useful writing tool when you know what it’s trying to achieve.

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To Everyone Who

deadcupidI found out yesterday that in Finland, Valentine’s day isn’t Valentine’s day. It’s called Ystävänpäivä, which means Friends’ Day or Friendship Day. The traditional gift is a pink rose, not a red one, and it’s a day to celebrate just how much friendship really means. As a Finnish friend of mine put it: “To celebrate and appreciate the friends that are there for you, love you, support you and never let you go.” Continue reading

Theatre with Felix, or, How Not To Do It

derby_playhouseI really must have a good rant about The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug at some point, if only to make lots of points about dragons in fantasy and rabbit on and on about Smaug. But since I just saw my first ever ancient Greek musical, for today I’ll rant about what it’s like to go to the theatre when you’re me. Continue reading

Thor: Dark World

thor-2-the-dark-world-posterI love a good villain. Really, I do. And I’ll be quite honest here; most of the reason I went to see Dark World was that I am an utterly shameless fanboy for Loki, as played in the Marvel films by Tom Hiddleston.

That’s not all of the reason, I hasten to add. Dark World is a visual feast that definitely merits viewing in 3D. It’s refreshingly involving for a Brit to see rampaging evil destroying dear old London for a change too, instead of some bland American cityscape. Plus I had a genuine “holy shit” moment when I realised the chief antagonist was actually Christopher Eccleston. Amazing what a few prosthetics can do (and just how far under a rock I live most of the time). But I grant you, a big part of it was getting my Loki fix.

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